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"Swiss pianist and composer Luzia von Wyl resides on a higher plane with this masterful program, combining hornists, strings and a rhythm section." - AllAboutJazz

"Breezy sound, dazzling virtuosity and a unique sense of groove: pulsing through all of the pieces is Luzia von Wyl’s almost inexhaustible imagination. This is great art." - NLZ

"An astonishingly mature, highly original music. Luzia von Wyl? Watch out!" - Bund/Tages-Anzeiger


Album Release

Luzia's latest album "Throwing Coins" will be released in September! Don't miss the official release concert on the 23rd in Luzern!

New commissions

Luzia is going to write some new music for the Aruba Trio as well as for the big band of the jazzfestival "generations"!

Nexus Reed Quintet on tour!

Don't miss the fantastic Nexus Reed Quintet who is currently on tour with Luzia's "Broadway" which she wrote in New York last year! Find the dates here.

Studio Session in Berlin

Luzia and Martin Ruch are mixing the upcoming album "Throwing Coins" of the Luzia von Wyl Ensemble this week. Looking so much forward to the release in September!

Merry Christmas!

Luzia wishes everybody a merry christmas and a wonderful new year! In 2018 not only some of her compositions will be premiered, but also the second album of the Luzia von Wyl Ensemble will finally be released! And Luzia will get the chance to write for further amazing musicians like Judith Wegmann or the Ensemble Montaigne! Happy new year!

Residency at the Reset Festival in Luxembourg

Luzia feels very honored to have been invited as a composer and pianist in residence to the Reset Jazzfestival in Luxembourg! In January she will create some new music together with seven other musicians from allover Europe. Very exciting project!

"Autumn" in Chicago

The Chiacago Ensemble is selecting Luzia's piece "Autumn" among 430 submitted compositions to perform it during the upcoming season!

Recording with the Luzia von Wyl Ensemble

The band is staying three days in Ludwigsburg to record the second album "Throwing Coins". Yes!


Following intense writing sessions in New York, Luzia's new compositions will now be presented in different concerts and locations during the upcoming months. The first premiere will be "July 24", played by cellist and singer Jonas Iten on the 26th of September at the Tanzfestival Zug.

New music

New commissions in New York! Luzia is currently writing a piece for reed quintet, a composition for harp, marimba and symphony orchestra and a piece for cello and voice! Premieres in 2017 and 2018.

Promotion video

Luzia's latest promotion video is online and you can watch it right here. Enjoy!

BeJazz Winterfestival

The Luzia von Wyl Ensemble has been invited to play at the great BeJazz Winterfestival: Do you join us? 21st of January, at 8pm.

Release of "Red"

Luzia's compositions for Melanoia and Quatuor IXI are released by the well-respected Hungarian Label "BMC Records". Release concert: November 26, Budapest Music Center.

London New Wind Festival

Luzia's piece "Jingle" is going to be played at the London New Wind Festival!

Debut at the Lucerne Festival

For Luzia as a Lucerne musician a dream comes true: She is very happy to play her debut at the great Lucerne Festival! 27th of August, at 10pm. Tickets are available here!

Schaffhauser Jazzfestival

Thanks a million for the invitation to play at Schaffhauser Jazzfestival 2016 - Luzia is looking so much forward to the 27th of May!

Concert in Dubai

The Luzia von Wyl Ensemble has been invited to play at the Swiss Days Dubai! Concert on the 6th of February, at 8pm.

The Duo Escarlata plays Luzia's "Zatanga"

Daniela Hunziker (cello) and Ina Callejas (accordion) play Luzia's latest composition "Zatanga". You can find a listing of the concert dates here.

Happy new year!

Luzia wishes you a very happy new year and is looking forward to her concerts in 2016!